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Cardlock Fueling

With Beck Oil fueling systems, you are in the drivers seat.  We offer you the ability to control almost every aspect of your fueling operations that are essential to managing your fleet.

Over 40,0000 fueling locations throughout the United States.


Manage Your Fleet 24/7

With the Beck Oil Fleetwide card you have the ability to set profiles for each of your drivers, departments, or fleet.  You have the ability to setup fueling time, gallonage limits, and product types.

Customized Fueling

Just call or email us and we can get you started using the thousands of Fleetwide locations around the country. Twice a month you will receive a detailed invoice showing each transaction, date and time, location, total gallons, price per gallon, MPG, and total price.

We have 24/7 customer service for lost/stolen cards or fueling problems.


How Do I Become a member of Cardlock Fueling Program?


Get your Beck Oil Cardlock Fueling Card Today

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