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Established in 1967

Beck Oil, Inc

Beck Oil was started in 1967 in Victorville, California by Glenn and Buzz Beck with only two drivers.  In 1973, a new office and warehouse was built on Turner Rd in Victorville; only Shell products were sold at that time. In 1974, Carson Oil in Inyokern was purchased, followed by Mitchell Oil in Trona in the 1980’s.

 By 1983, Beck Oil owned and operated five service stations with C- Stores in four of them.  Beck Oil started three cigmart cigarette stores by 1995 and purchased Victorville Oil becoming a Union 76 as well as Shell Oil Jobber.  The location of the previous Victorville Oil on D Street is the current location of our Victorville Bulk Plant, with our cardlock fueling station across the street.  In January 2008, Lee Escher Oil Company (LEOCO) located in Coachella was acquired, adding two more CFN Cardlocks; one located in Coachella next to the bulk plant and in Palm Springs on Gene Autry Trail.  

 Today, we have over sixteen full time drivers and we operate four CFN cardlocks and two C-Stores as well as Union 76, Shell, and recently Sinclair jobber supplying fuel to dozens of retailers throughout Southern California.  We carry several brands of lubricants as well as chemicals, solvents, DEF, off-road diesel, several blends of Bio-Diesel, racing fuel, and all grades of gas.


Full Load Fuel Deliveries

Victorville  Bulk Plant

16640 D Street

Victorville, CA  92395


24/7 Product Deliveries

Victorville Bulk Plant & Cardlock

Coachella Bulk Plant & Cardlock

Coachella Bulk Plant

85-119 Leoco Lane

Coachella, CA  92236